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Re-wild Maine with Zachary Rouda
Join us for this month's Biddeford Gardens series, featuring director and instructor Zachary Rouda from Rewilding Maine.
Well, that depends on who you ask. The word has several meanings: sometimes it's used to describe the process of reintroducing native species of plants or animals to a particular place, from where they may have previously been eradicated; sometimes rewilding is used to describe the process of humans reconnecting with small-scale, bioregionally-specific, regenerative ways of living on a personal level. The term is being contemporarily defined in an ongoing process by conservationists, educators, activists and others around the world. If rewilding is not fully the process of undoing and reversing domestication, then it is at least, fundamentally, a process of reconnecting with uncivilized human life ways. Most basically, ecologically, rewilding is the process of encouraging, allowing or otherwise assisting natural regenerative growth patterns on the land.
Regardless, there is fathomless wisdom in our species' wild, expansive ancestry, and in the act of trusting the power of natural systems on planet Earth to sustain thriving life. Modernity, certainly, has made considerable developments in attempts to streamline specific systems, and yet, ultimately, evolution's wisdom is evident in the utility of wildness: even now, cutting-edge theories like permaculture and biodynamics attempt to steer us back to nature. Rewilding, then, may be understood as the process of making humans or land more wild, and also as an umbrella term covering other other place-based movements.
Rewilding must be, in part, a process of reconnecting to each other. All of our youth and adult programs are designed to create a container in which community can safely grow among participants. Our classes and workshops are purposefully informal and egalitarian; our focus is to facilitate collective education

May 24, 2022 06:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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